Help us finish the roof for the new Monkey Enclosure

We need your help to “Raise the Roof” of our primate enclosure on the north side of the Patas & Capuchin monkey enclosures that has been in progress for some time now. We are down to the just getting the roof completed to finish this project. 

AFOTZ has dedicated significant funds towards the completion of this project thus far, but we need the community’s help to complete the roof so that we can invite some new friends to join our animal family.

The Alameda Park Zoo is an important part of our community for both residents and visitors. As the oldest zoo in the southwest they strive to continually improve, so funding is critical to keeping up their efforts.

Our goal is to raise approximately $13,000. Donations large and small will make a huge impact on this major zoo project.

Today, please consider partnering with us and “Raising the Roof” at the Alameda Park Zoo! We appreciate your time & consideration.

100% of all donations received on this page, or any others marked specific for this project will go directly to fund this project! We thank you for your support of the Alameda Park Zoo through AFOTZ. AFOTZ is a registered NM 501c3 non-profit so your donations are deductible.

We need to raise $13,000 to finish the roof for the Monkey Enclosure.
Raise the Roof Monkey Enclosure

Help put a roof over our new Monkey enclosure!

Donate today to help our zoo!

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