AFOTZ Board of Directors

Alamogordo Friends of the Zoo is governed by a Board of Directors. Officers of the Board are elected by members of the board.

Our volunteer board plays an important role in the organization’s leadership, and its members bring skills, experience and talents to assist our partnership efforts with the zoo.

Alamogordo Friends of the Zoo Board Directors attend regular monthly meetings with Alameda Park Zoo staff held at the Zoo Offices. These meetings are where initiatives in partnership with the zoo, fundraising event organization, donation collection, membership management, and other organization objectives are discussed and decided upon. AFOTZ members that wish to play a bigger role in the organization can contact the AFOTZ Board.

Angie Cadwallader


Rachele Tycksen

Vice President, Webmaster

Sue Vasquez


Angie Condito


Kim Darnold

Board Director

Susan Rogers

Susan Rogers

Board Director


Heather Kangas

Board Director

Zoo Manager

Zoo Education Coordinator Docent Director

Kate Unterweger

Bill Hoff

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