Become a Zoo Parent! 

Did you know you can support animals at the Alamogordo Park Zoo through AFOTZ’s Adopt a Zoo Animal program?

Adoption donations are $25 for one year. 100% of your adoption fee supports the care of animals and zoo improvements. Adoptions can be renewed annually.

Symbolically adopting an animal for a family member or friend is a perfect gift for birthdays and holidays.

AFOTZ is grateful for our generous animal adoption donors.

Animals available for adoption:

  • Capuchin Monkey
  • Black Bear
  • Kangaroo
  • Lemur
  • Wolf

Adoptions come with:

  • Personalized certificate
  • Adopted animal photo and fact sheet
  • Recognized on the AFOTZ Recognition Board at the Alameda Park Zoo and on our website.

*Please keep in mind that, as with all living things, the lives of these animals are subject to change. They may become ill, die, or be transferred to another location. In case of such an event, A.F.O.T.Z. will make every effort to transfer sponsorships to another suitable animal. Also, because of their popularity, some animals may be the subject of more than one concurrent adoption.

Our Adoptees

Picture by TRBeattie photography

Capuchin Monkey

Picture by TRBeattie photography

Mexican Gray Wolf

Picture by TRBeattie photography

Black Bear

Photo by Kate Unterweger


Photo by Kate Unterweger

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